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The most popular new soccer shoes appeared on the field

Posted by admin 15/01/2019 0 Comment(s)


Paul Dibala (Juventus) adidas COPA70
As part of the brand's 70th anniversary celebration, Adidas released the COPA70 earlier this week, paying homage to Copa Mundial's classic and timeless look, while introducing the modern style of the hot Primeknit knit material. Although its appearance looks more like a single layer of fabric, its lining is actually a thick leather. After wearing it on the training ground earlier this week, Juventus's Paul Debara defeated Bologna 2-0 in the Italian Cup wearing the COPA 70.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) adidas X 18.1
The latest look of the Adidas X 18 makes Liverpool's Salah very satisfied, because the two can be perfectly matched. In the match against Brighton, with Salah's penalty, Liverpool beat the opponent 1-0. Together with Salah, Fermino also showed the latest color scheme of Nemeziz.

Virgil Van Dyck (Liverpool) Nike Tiempo Legend VII
Recently, Liverpool's defense defender Vigil Van Dyck has been wearing PUMA and Adidas soccer shoes in training, which indirectly led people to speculate that his contract with Nike has expired. In Liverpool's 1-0 win over Brighton, Van Dyke once again proved that he seemed to have said goodbye to Nike. The Nike Tiempo Legend VII at his feet was completely black, eliminating the need to advertise for Nike free of charge. opportunity.

Gatan Bussman (Mainz) adidas COPA 19.1
Mainz defender Bosman once again exposed the upcoming COPA 19.1 new color, and he also appeared in the friendly match between the team and the standard Liege in the Marbella winter training base.

Sadio Mane (Liverpool) New Balance Furon 5.0
We refocused our attention on returning to the Red Army, Liverpool's Senegal striker, who changed the first color match of New Balance Furon 5.0 during last week's training. At first glance, the feature of Furon's outstanding appearance seems to be the new lace system, which looks much smaller and saves the area that will undoubtedly increase the hitting area. Furon 5.0 will be released later this month.
Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona) Nike Mercurial Vapor
Formerly Liverpool's Coutinho is the team's real thigh, he did not seem to find his best state after moving to Barcelona. In the recent game, we also found that he put on blackened assassin soccer shoes, and it is directly in the official game, which is really amazing. To know that Coutinho is the main spokesperson of Nike Phantom VSN, is Coutinho trying to find a feeling by changing shoes? Will Coutinho return to the arms of Mercurial? We will wait and see!
Louis Suarez (Barcelona) PUMA Future 19.1
PUMA launched the "Power Up" suit earlier this week, although at the end of last year PUMA brushed a sense of presence with the golden "Glory Set", but the overall exposure of PUMA shoes is still relatively low. Therefore, on the occasion of the opening of 2019, PUMA also launched a new color scheme and completed the update of the Future series. When Barcelona beat Eval 3-0 in La Liga, Luis Suarez replaced the bold color of Future 19.1.

Exel Wettersell (Dortmund) PUMA ONE 19.1
After PUMA released their new Power Up package, Exel Wettersell also immediately switched to the new color matching ONE 19.1. However, he chose the traditional low-cut version instead of the high-top style with evoKnit collar fabric, and his teammate Royce replaced the latest color match Future 19.1.

Eric Garcia (Manchester City) Adidas COPA 19.1
Adidas' Archic Pack has been fully released earlier this week, but it has not been supported by Adidas players. Apparently, Manchester City's young man Eric Garcia did not think so, and replaced the blackened COPA 19.1 on the training ground. However, we still want to remind everyone that the Archic Pack, which is dominated by black elements, will not be endorsed by professional players. Adidas will introduce other new colors later.

Granite Zaka (Arsenal) Under Armour Magnetico
After replacing them for the first time in training last week, Granit Zaka once again replaced the new Under Armour Magnetico color that we had not seen before. The new color scheme is dominated by low-key black, with a bright green decoration. Please pay attention to the official release of Under Armour for this new color in the coming week. Unfortunately, Zaka, who replaced the new shoes, did not lead the team to beat the opponent. Arsenal lost to West Ham.

Kel Walker - Pitts (Tottenham Hotspur) adidas Glitch 19
Tottenham Hotspur's young right back, Kelly Walker-Peters wore the latest Glitch boots in training this week. Its conceptual inner and outer boots design and free combination of dressing options offer a variety of options for many players, and Pitts has always been Glitch's number one fan.

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