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Feel the T90's past glory Nike Phantom VNM FG static evaluation

Posted by admin 18/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

The ououers who often play forwards have this kind of experience. The chances and angles of shooting are hard to find. It takes a very short time to let their shots threaten the opponent's goal to the greatest extent. Take the game. What is the most important thing for the striker to shoot? Of course it is the degree of precision and strength! Imagine a hundred steps to wear Yang and fly in front of the door, a paradise and a hell. At this time, a pair of boots with a power bonus and comes with an "eight-fold mirror" sight will undoubtedly bring enough confidence to your shot. From the new Nike Phantom VNM shoe bag sight pattern you can see that it intends to redefine the course style of the course finisher.

For Nike, the various auxiliary shots and the exact friction strips of the T90 era are the solutions they give to the forward players' demands for precision and strength. But the times are still changing, and Nike itself is constantly evolving and seeking breakthroughs. So after the T90 was replaced by Hypervenom, we saw Nike's latest answer to precision and power: Phantom VNM, and its The appearance of the poisoned front also appeared, and the poison front left the historical stage. From being replaced to recreating the glory of the past, this guy who looks like the T90 has finally reached the stage, and the inside of its shoe is occupied by huge blade-like friction strips, leaving a cold and domineering side. Vibrant orange has also appeared in the T 90, and is the main color of Nike's latest "Game Over" suit.

The thick body of the shoe, the middle section of the towering shoe warehouse continues to show its tolerance for most people's feet. Its toe cap is very well-shaped, tall and straight, without a sense of oppression, continuing the T90's fine tradition of foot-friendly. Phantom VNM's upper is made of Nike's main Flyknit fabric, which is shaped like a honeycomb. The front area of ​​the shoe is mainly used for stopping the ball and some delicate operations. Because the honeycomb pattern is relatively three-dimensional and obvious, it also leads to the relatively hard fabric in the front part of the shoe, but it is different from the cheap plastic feeling. The two are not one level.

The embossed Flyknit can be seen on the outside of the toe. In addition, we have to remind everyone that it is a few rounded inscribed corners on the edge of the big bottom. These positions correspond to the curved parts of the forefoot running. Such a groove allows the curvature of the sole to be more natural. The most eye-catching upper is also the key element of this tribute to the classic T90 is the black Precision Pwr hitting area. This area on the Phantom VNM has 13 ridged rubber friction strips from top to bottom and is arranged and raised at a specific angle and height to better engage the spherical surface when the ball is touched, thus achieving control of the ball lift shot. The purpose of precision. The asymmetric lacing system frees up the larger hitting area for the inner instep and, in order to avoid the effects of the laces, it uses a semi-integrated lacing system.

Continue to retain the lace system and use a piece of fabric tongue that is stitched to the upper to secure the lock on both sides of the upper. You can understand this structure as adding a "fabric patch" to the original shoelace system, artificially creating a larger, flatter upper. This structure has an increase of about 30% of the hitting area compared to the poison front III, but because of the hidden lace hole, it is a bit pit for those who prefer to change the shoelace! It is worth noting that the black Swoosh on the outside of the Phantom VNM shoe is an embossed diamond pattern with silver powder effect, full of texture and high grade.

The inner lining of the heel of the shoe is also particularly particular. The area with the main anti-slip effect is made of black suede material, and the comfortable and soft orange artificial fabric is spliced ​​on both sides. The sleek and traditional low-cut structure makes its upper legs more compact. This design makes the football shoes more grounded in the actual experience. The words ACC indicate the adaptability of the upper to all weather conditions. The outsole of Phantom VNM continues to use the HyperReactive ultra-high-response outsole with good reputation on the poison front. It is optimized and adjusted based on this, which can be regarded as HyperReactive 2.0. A whole piece of lightweight nylon outsole is cut by dense diamond-shaped lines, and the independent and interconnected structure makes it more attractive for grip in actual wear. The visually pleasing black lines with a large number of diamond-cut lines give the Phantom VNM's outsole a very rare geometric aesthetic. The FG version of the forefoot stud is up to: 1.0cm, and the heel of the heel is up to 1.35cm. It is not long from the data point of view, but because the studs are not integrated, it is recommended that you have a better pasture.

In response to the forward player's requirements for speed, grip and redirection, the front of the Phantom VNM can see a radial black groove similar to the symmetry, and the rest is sharp and angular like a diamond cut. In addition to ensuring the rebound effect of each forefoot bending, this fresh design also provides multi-directional traction, and the V-shaped nail introduced from the assassin outsole is also a powerful guarantee of speed. The heel of the heel is consistent in shape with the forefoot, but they primarily ensure fast endo-stability. There is no conspicuous anti-twist reinforcement beam design in the middle of the outsole. The responsibility of this is the thick diamond-shaped diamond bulge, so it is possible to expose the lack of strength of the outsole later.

The standard insole is also a rare high level in materials and configuration. First of all, the whole palm is made of Orthlite material. It is comfortable and breathable. Compared with other insoles, the Phantom VNM insole is thicker and has reached 5.8mm. The forefoot is distributed with a horizontal groove, which is the officially claimed NikeGirp anti-slip technology. The back of the insole also has a large number of grooves, which cooperate with the lines in the shoe to prevent the insole from sliding in the shoe compartment.
The net length of the insole of JP 275 is: 27.4CM, and the widest part of the forefoot is: 8.9CM. In combination with the actual try-on experience, we believe that the Phantom VNM has a normal size and is suitable for most foot types. Lightweight nylon outsole, no midsole structure and lightweight upper, all the elements are superimposed so that the single weight of the Phantom VNM is only 203 grams (JP 275) in just two hundred, which is still very good.

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As a renewed product of the T90 essence, focusing on precision and power, Phantom VNM once again shared the huge dividend brought by Flyknit technology. The soft fabric makes it look great in terms of touch and comfort. In addition, the friction strip design in the instep area of ​​the upper can really improve the control and the head of the football when hitting the ball. Aside from its actual functionality, it is a tribute to the T90 logo design. It is. Finally, it is worthy of everyone's attention that this Hyper Reactive outsole, the curved groove of the key part of the forefoot guarantees its rebound rate. The V-shaped nail borrowed from the assassin is also the catalyst of speed. The only thing to worry about is that it is right. The threshold of the venue will be relatively high.

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