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Adidas launch the new Copa Gloro 19 Virtuso pack

Posted by admin 15/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

The line of new 2019 football boots releases in recent months gives no hint at taking a halt. With big names in the sports apparel industry launching new designs every week, looks like it’s going to be hard to pick favourites.

Adding to the long line of new football boot releases, German giants Adidas have launched one of their cleanest sweeps by adding the new Copa Gloro 19 to the ‘Virtuso Pack’. Keeping in mind the special suit for the spring and summer feel, these new beauties are set to take over the field in the closing installments for the football season.

Launched recently, the Virtuso Pack delivered players with some fresh new looks and sleek designs. As expected, the Copa Gloro lives up to its ‘always late’ release nature while resembling its namesake, the COPA 19.1, with a pure white canvas that highlights some fresh green all over.

The new adidas artificial grass football boots from Adidas strongly resemble the COPA 19.1 for a number of reasons; one being the inclusion of the laces and also the position of the Three Stripes, while the laceless 19+ adopts the medial side positioning. We’re not surprised at the iconic tongue of the Gloro that sets it apart from the rest in the family, and the sub £100 price tag.

A solid option for grassroots players, the Copa Gloro 19 has the closest DNA to the original Copa DNA by offering up that tongue which the other Copa members fail to offer. The cleats look perfect in the spring look and are ready for the conclusion of the season.

Adidas isn’t the only sporting giant on the release cruise this month. US-based sports apparel company Concave also arrived at the scene with its sleek and dangerous Halo+.

It takes quite the courage to build upon a concept your brand actually stands for and refining it, but Concave has done just that. With this release, Concave proves to be a major player along with the big guns shooting massive releases this season.

The revamped Halo+ no longer finds that awkward power element steadied uncomfortably on top of the lace system; instead, the brand has made a new technology without the bulk.

Known as the AccuStrike Railing System, the boots deliver the precise ball control along with its requisite power. That’s not all, with the ‘Engineered Maze’ blending a special mesh with some textured synthetic makes a superb combination of grip and feel.

Another major revamp feature for the Halo+ is the soleplate that now sports anti-torsion bars with hybrid stud configuration. The entire package is presented in an elite ‘Gun-metal’ chrome coating.

These boots will be seen by Brazillian, Givanildo Vieira de Sousa a.k.a the Hulk in his Shanghai SIPG F.C games. This could well be an exciting new era for Concave and we’re looking forward to it.

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