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Discount 2018 Adidas Predator 18 FG Soccer Shoes Online Sale

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Adidas Predator 18 FG Soccer Shoes

As one of the most famous shoes in the history of Adidas Football Boots, the Predator Falcon's name has a high popularity both in today's football and soccer shoes. After undergoing various re-enactment limited editions of stir-fry, and Renren Beckham personally promoted it, Predator 18 officially debuted! This time we are bringing us the flagship shoes in the Predator 18 series: Adidas Predator 18+ FG. After assembling Adidas' current top technology and full Predator Falcon feelings, you have to lament that the Adidas Predator 18+ FG is indeed different!
The red boxed Adidas Predator FG can be seen on the top of the shoe box. On the one hand, the theme is named, and on the other hand, people love the Falcon again. Two lines of English and French can also be seen below. The meaning of the translation is: I follow the instinct I live in, and I lead and I dominate! Gives a very domineering feeling.
After regaining the Predator Falcon, you can see at first glance it is a maverick existence. Thanks to the current technological dividend of modern football shoes and the foundation laid down by the ACE series, the Adidas Predator 18+ FG continues to use the high-profile appearance of the ACE 17+, but the difference is that the fabric collar of the Adidas Predator 18+ FG has a precedent. After the slope of depression, with the slope design of the shoe collar, the overall appearance of the shoes seemed a lot of playful and lively, but also stand out in a crowd of high-top shoes.
After returning to the scene two years back again, the ambition of the Adidas Predator 18+ FG is certainly not only with this, but from the overall appearance it can be seen that it is vigorous.
Let's take a look at the volume of the toe cap that everyone is more concerned about. The adidas Predator 18+ FG's upturned curvature of the toe is normal. The entire toe cap is not very plump and relatively flat. It may be for those who have too much toes. The words are not so friendly.
More and more sophisticated Primeknit technology has now become Adidas's most important fabric,Adidas Predator it has a variety of attributes of its own so that ControlSkin technology and Predator Falcon's iconic friction strips into one. Although the jagged bulge gives a very stiff feeling, the specific feel is really ideal. Pressing the upper by hand can clearly feel the softness and elasticity of the entire upper. The lines in the inner instep area are still very obvious, presumably able to play a very good ball control effect.
Adidas Football Boots also introduced the new Forged Knit knit technology on the Adidas Predator 18+ FG, which has made the Predator Falcon soccer shoe's signature rubbing strips more and more delicate. The white three-way bar on the outside of the shoe body is still a hot-glued PU strip with a stripe. In addition to playing the role of brand promotion, it also assumes the role of supporting the upper.
The Sockfit Collar collar created by Primeknit fabric once again overturned the previous design. The front and back of the collar are no longer the same level, but are low and high. The Falcon's external protective cup is very low, in order to enhance the protection of the heel, in addition to the use of a suede-like material, it also added a very thick sponge sandwich. It seems that this design of the heel does not have any hidden dangers. It depends on everyone's actual feedback.
The Adidas Predator 18+ FG incorporates a newly designed Controlframe outsole with a lightweight nylon material that feels very light and flexible overall. The studs are equipped with irregular polygonal studs, giving people a feeling like the improved version of Nitrocharge.
Also to remind everyone is that the Adidas Predator 18+ FG has a Boost material implanted in the midsole of the palm of his hand. However, compared to ACE 17+ PureControl's full-bodied Boost, this seems to be a suspect. Forefoot spikes can be seen on the surface of the stripes and reticular pattern of two lines, designed to enhance the grip of the spikes.
Along with the shoes is the recently heated Boost insole with a thickness of 2mm. The top is covered with a layer of 1mm thick fleece fabric. Overall, this insole has a very good comfort, with a certain degree of non-slip effect, minus The earthquake is also very ideal.
After a brief contact with the returning Discount Adidas Predator 18 FG Soccer Shoes Online, it changed the traditional image of the people in the past. It can be said that the new Falcon completely subverted my understanding of the Falcon. The first is the appearance, no shoelace and fabric collar let it follow the most popular high-top boots style of modern soccer shoes, Primeknit fabric material allows it to take into account the Falcon's iconic friction design while also appears soft and comfortable, which is the past hunting The eagle did not do it. And, it also added a very fashionable configuration such as Boost, ControlSkin and so on. The luxury packaging comparable to limited edition shoes also exceeded our expectations. From a static point of view, the Adidas Predator 18+ FG has indeed evoked our desire to purchase. As for the actual performance, please continue to look forward to our actual combat assessment.