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Cheap 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Soccer Shoes Online Sale

Posted by admin 25/02/2018 0 Comment(s)

Cheap 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Black White Gold Soccer Shoes Online Sale
There is no red folding tongue,Cheap Football Boots there is no separate friction bar, no matter from which point of view Predator 18 looks like Ace series of new works, then what this shoe called Predator? The answer is rubbing bar! This is the heart of Adidas Predator series qualities, before each generation of "Falcon" the only common element. Fold tongue did not appear in the first generation Predator, but also from the beginning again to remove Predator X; classic black and white red color does not appear in the starting color is not the first time, only the friction strip is the Predator permanent element . Is there a friction strip on the Predator 18? Of course, Adidas brand new three-dimensional knitting technology in front of the upper knitting weave is conducive to the ball 3D lines, but also with the introduction of the new FORGED KNIT knit structure, with the round-the-clock CONTROLSKIN technology, Predator 18 friction bar is brand new and scientific of. We can look back before the ENJOYZ Predator series review, in fact, Adidas early in the Predator Touch began looking for more optimized design of the upper friction bar, the first is how to make the natural curvature of the upper foot does not affect the touch, so that the friction bar Thin, thin, partition distribution This is the design that once appeared. However, by 2017, soccer shoes manufacturing technology has been completed by leaps and bounds today, the new "Falcon" no longer need those rubber accessories uppers. This is a technological advance.
Predator 18 is also a continuation of the Ace series.Football Boots Sale Ace series from the beginning of the adhering to some of the qualities of Predator, remember Ace 15.1 soccer shoes uppers grid lines it? Of course, Ace 16 opened a new chapter in adidas football, Primeknit knit material and no shoelace design make football equipment once again take a solid step forward, Ace 17 series and thus consolidate this development. Now Predator series rebirth, Predator 18 soccer shoes, of course, should take its essence to its dregs. This is a continuation of the advantages.
Therefore, the immediate Predator 18 is a new generation of "Falcon", after the Ace era Predator should be like this. Looking back now, maybe two years ago Adidas had already arranged the game, deliberately let the Predator dormant again in the now amazing form of regression. Of course, instead of peddling the Predator 18 here, each EZer has its own "Falcon" in mind, and feelings are invaluable.
Adidas Predator 18 uses a newly designed FG outsole, CONTROLFRAME technology and the use of dual-density nylon material to ensure the outsole support, rebound, light weight effect, the new design of the spikes and combinations show the control of the shoes. How effective in actual combat?
The softness of the soles of the soles of the outsole, Adidas Predator when bent to the natural bend with the soles of the feet, and the middle of the CONTROLFRAME "crack" support ridge excellent hardness, effective in ensuring the arch of the hair, but also to make shoes with both feet Kind of twisting movement with stability. Spikes are irregular geometries that provide both grip and flexibility. The only "flaw" is that the length of the front 11.6mm and rear 15mm can not be enough on the artificial pitch (the FG was not originally for the artificial turf Design, this must be clear), especially in winter artificial golf course. As the current version of the outsole has not yet been released AG, so edgy friends can only make do with the FG. However, it should be pointed out here that although the shoe spikes are long, it feels very stable on the artificial court and the spikes do not stomp. The entire test did not show the situation because the spikes were "overturned."
Without the rubber rubbing strips of the traditional Predator upper,Adidas Predator FG the assists to create a strong arc when passing and shooting are of course greatly reduced and the power added to the shots is also reduced. The new upper fabric friction strip is more focused on ball control And the effect of the completion of skills, and let the soft upper appropriate to increase the friction effect. So hope in the new "Falcon" let you again reproduce the Bayesian arc, Feifei Feixian some impractical, it touches to help you finish Ali crotch extraordinary. Of course, if you are a free kick master, then what to wear so-called it?
Adidas Predator 18.1 FG, is a true new "Falcon" because of the new technology of friction stripes, Adidas can generously declare the Predator regression, new shoes also inherit and continue the Ace series of classic elements and make a comprehensive upgrade. Fabric, socks, nylon outsole, 230 grams of weight, which is clearly a pair of more sense of science and technology, more to meet the needs of modern football match boots. Not satisfied with the color is not important, good combat shoes is the key. The first experience point of view, this new pair of "Falcon" Xiaobian like, unexpectedly good to wear. Now to do is wait for a classic color slightly