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Cheap 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Football Boots Online Shop

Posted by admin 28/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

Buy Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Football Boots

Adidas Football Boots are called boots at the feet of football stars. Nowadays it has become an important aspect of the majority of fans concerned about the outcome of the game. A wide range of soccer shoes is suitable for artificial turf, hard courts, floors, and soft venues. It is necessary to select corresponding types of soccer shoes according to different venues, so that good results can be achieved in the competition, and football shoes can be used for the skills of athletes on the field. It is very important. Improper use may result in injury to the player.
Today's protagonist of our evaluation is the adidas Predator 18.1 football shoes. Yes,Adidas Predator FG the "Falcon" is back! Although it looks like the eagle that we know well, we can see that this is Adidas' new Predator in the face of reality, and it has passed the actual test and it deserves this legendary name.
There is no red flip-flop tongue, no independent friction bar, no matter from which angle Predator 18 looks like a new work of the Ace series, then this shoe is called Predator? The answer is rubbing! This is the core trait of the Adidas Predator series and is the only common element in each previous generation of "Falcons". Folding tongues did not appear in the first generation Predator, and was removed again from the Predator X; the classic black and white red color is not the first time in the starting color, but only the rubbing strip is the permanent element of the Predator. . So does Predator 18 have rubbing bars? Of course, Adidas uses the new three-dimensional knitting technology to weave 3D lines that are conducive to ball control in front of the shoes. In addition, with the introduction of a new FORGED KNIT knitting structure and the all-weather CONTROLSKIN technology, the friction strip of Predator 18 is brand-new and technologically advanced. of. We can look at the previous review of the Predator series of ENJOYZ. Actually, Adidas has been looking for a more optimized upper friction strip design since Predator Touch began. The first thing to do is how to naturally bend the upper without affecting the feel of the foot and change the friction. Thin, thin, and partitioned distributions are all designs that have ever appeared. However, by 2017, the football shoe making technology has achieved a leap forward. Today, the new "Falcon" no longer needs the rubber parts of the uppers. This is a technological advancement.
Predator 18 is also a continuation of the Ace series.Adidas Predator The Ace series inherited some of Predator's qualities from the very beginning of its launch. Remember the grid pattern of the Ace 15.1 soccer shoe upper? Of course, Ace 16 opened a new chapter in Adidas football. Primeknit knitted material and no shoelace design made the football equipment take a solid step forward. The Ace 17 series further consolidated this development. Now that the Predator series is reborn, the Predator 18 football shoes should of course take its essence to its dross. This is a continuation of the advantages.
So, the Predator 18 in front of me is a new generation of "Falcons". I experienced the Predator after the Ace era. Looking back now, perhaps Adidas had already played this game two years ago, deliberately letting Predator squat to return in its now stunning form. Of course, not selling Predator 18 here, each EZer has his own "Falcon" in his heart. Feelings are priceless.
The Primeknit upper ball contact area of ​​the Adidas Predator 18.1 F soccer shoe can be described as very soft, the fabric layer and the hot melt film coating are not heavy, which is actually a modification of the Ace 16 and Ace 17 shoe uppers. Ace16+ Purecontrol's little partner should understand that the upper was “three layers in three layers”. In order to make the fabric upper shape better and prevent extension, the hot melt film coating also used a lot, although the touch It's not bad, but it's worse than later Ace 17, not to compare with today's Predator 18.
Cheap Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Football Boots The softness and thinness of the upper ensure the true feeling of the touch ball. In the game, Xiao Bian can feel the shoe surface feedback during passing and stopping the ball. The experience of the ball touching the feet is obvious. Since it is a Predator, how does the three-dimensional knit friction stripe of the shoe upper perform in actual combat? The three-dimensional texture of the forefoot area, in conjunction with CONTROLSKIN Technology, can indeed be effective in controlling the ball and the passing of the ball, but it is not obvious from the rubber rubbing strip of the Predator early series. Fish and bear's paw can not have both, now rubbing the stripes with the plant uppers, no longer affect the touch, but it is inevitable to lose some of the functionality. If Adidas can make a three-dimensional effect on the coating, is it possible to enhance the control of the ball in the upper? This may be improved in the next generation of Predator.
Inside and outside the middle of the shoes is a FORGED KNIT knitting structure, visually can be seen that the knit stripes are more rough, one is to enhance the stability of this part of the shoes, another benefit is that the auxiliary effect of the inside of the shoe during the pass is obvious, especially It is the effect of using the long side of the midline of the arch to increase the length and thrust.
Because of the new technology of friction stripes, Adidas can be generous to announce the return of the Predator series, while the new shoes also inherited and continued the classic elements of the Ace series and made a comprehensive upgrade, so the Predator 18 is truly a new "Falcon." Fabric, socks, nylon outsole, 230 grams of weight, this is clearly a pair of more technical sense, more to meet the needs of modern football game boots. Unsatisfactory color matching is not important. The actual combat performance of the shoes is the key. As far as the initial experience is concerned, this new "Falcon" Xiaobian is very fond of, surprisingly well-dressed. What we have to do now is to wait for a classic color scheme!