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Adidas Football Boots Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Sale

Posted by admin 24/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Good 2017 Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Red White Football Shoes

Mention Adidas Football Boots, you can not tell the ACE series, you do not have to tangle X and special step hit face, but can not help but know Copa! After the product line has been reduced to three generations (ACE, X, Messi), follow-up Gloro has not been able to achieve a satisfactory market response because of its civilian pricing. At the end of last year by the red alert series of "Dongfeng", Adidas finally repackaged Copa pushed to the stage. Copa 17 Adidas has always maintained a comprehensive and practical features to ensure that the classic appearance also joined the new scientific and technological elements. This time Copa has a clearer positioning and is strategically complementary to Gloro.
From the technical and production process point of view, the new Adidas Copa football shoes seemingly and April launched the so-called Copa SL somewhat similar, but the front of his shoes are used in three quarters of genuine kangaroo leather material. Adidas Copa 17.1 The second half of the football shoe is made of imitation leather man-made material to bring better stability and wear resistance. The other features of the shoe include the elbow elastic large tongue and Ortholite material lining.
Sole design and Adidas Copa SL and Ace16 design is very similar, in addition to a slight difference in visual effects. 11 cylindrical spades were classic design, there are anti-torque arc in the middle to increase stability.
Adidas Copa FG shoes mainly for the venue is ordinary, or even relatively poor grass, so the design fully take into account the manace to the toe material wear, the general will be in the toe parts with a turn around the fur Reinforcement. The bottom of the non Marking words indicate that the outsole material is a trace of rubber, which is the current mainstream configuration.
This is a large tongue material is Adidas top shoes in the current common Techfit material, flexible foot, wrapped feel outstanding.
Adidas released the new Adidas Copa 17.1 FG series of soccer shoes, the new shoes is a pair of modern touch-type football shoes, the use of a large area of ​​kangaroo skin and a number of new technology to build, and to the famous Copa to name, to fill the Adidas in this A blank on the market.
Copa 17 launch is not surprising, because as early as April 2016, Adidas released a Copa SL to test the water, but no Kangaroo skin Copa can also call Copa? So have the back of the Copa 17 debut.